Here at ELEVATOR, we discover editorial gems that are unique and compelling. We aim to weed out the normal and create an email worth our readers’ time.

Our editorial team finds and reviews all the content we share with you. Our coverage is never for sale and we do not accept money, gifts, or barters in exchange for consideration. Know that our coverage is 100% authentic. In addition, when we offer products for sale, they have been personally curated by our editors.

In order to keep the business humming, we may allow advertisers to participate as partners in our emails. Advertisers are clearly marked PARTNER and are easy to differentiate from editorial recommendations.

The opinions of our advertisers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the ELEVATOR editorial team. However, we work hard to make sure our advertising partners are relevant.

Thanks for taking the time to review our policies and for your support. Feel free to contact us anytime with suggestions and feedback.  

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