We live in a Sharing economy. It’s why you now see pictures of people’s salads online. And it’s why we take our editorial sleuthing very seriously. We start by eliminating the normal. The average. The salads. Then, with a tighter comb, we select editorial gems worthy of our readers’ time.

Our coverage is never for sale. We don’t accept money, gifts, barters, or even bottles of whiskey in exchange for editorial consideration. It’s 100% authentic and always stories we truly find interesting. It’s why half a million and counting subscribe to our newsletters. And why we don’t plan on changing this process.

Since we have to buy our own bourbon, we do allow advertisers to participate as partners in our emails. They are clearly marked PARTNERS and are easy to differentiate from editorial recommendations. The opinions of our advertisers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our editorial team. However, we make sure our partners are relevant to our readers.

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